Relax, Renew, Rejuvenate & Reawaken your true Beauty!

Whether you come to the spa to ensure that you always look your best, or if your visit is about stress relief and endurance in a busy world, LeKadia Spa is an ideal place to spend a few hours. We offer a variety of professional services dedicated to your beauty with renewal, health and wellness tips.

In these hectic times, taking care of our bodies is of great importance as stressors take a toll on our well-being and advance the natural aging process. “Relaxing the body, mind and soul allows one to relieve hyper tension, high blood pressure and increase one’s immunity to fight sickness and disease.” (The Relaxation Response by Herbert Benson, M.D.)

By enjoying a session and relaxing for even a few minutes you are combating this stress and aiding your overall health. We offer therapy for relaxation and age prevention that leads to more healthy and fulfilled well-being. As experienced professionals, our mandate is to educate our clients in beauty, health and wellness.

At LeKadia Spa we offer effective FDA approved Laser Hair reduction, Aesthetic services, Registered Massage Therapy, Ion Detox treatments and Reflexology with a strong commitment to customer satisfaction.

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Julianne L. Seibel, BBA
Medical Aesthetician & Owner
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